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LJ Idol 10.13 - Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here

Rain leaked in through the cracks above them, and was pooling on the cave floor, combined with whatever the hurricane winds blew in from the mouth. It was not the season for looting and plundering, but the crew of Medusa's Wrath had voted with their captain to take the risk anyway. Now they were holed up in this Godforsaken place on an uncharted island until the hurricane subsides.

Barely seven torches lit the cave around the crew of misfits. It was all they had been able to grab before the rain hit too hard. Most of the pirates gathered around the puddle, hoping it wouldn't get to the point of drowning them, and grumbling at their predicament, while Captain Kit Gray took the only woman of their crew, Jaclyn Rousseau, with a single torch to explore the cave passages.

"We will die here," Jaclyn said, upon tripping over a femur.

Her lover, the captain---actually disguised as a man for the rest of the crew---held the torch above the mangled bones of someone long dead. Kitty reached down and grabbed the coat that lay beside the decomposed body.

Shaking her head, she said, "I think not. Others have been here, ransacked the place of anything valuable. That be why this skeleton is not wearing anything."

"Your crew will nay be pleased if we return empty handed."

Kitty dropped the coat and wrapped her free arm around Jaclyn's waist. "I do not plan to be empty handed for the entirety of our exploration."

Jaclyn grinned. "Ever the wordsmith, you are."

"Aye, but you must have expected it. Why else would I ask but you to join me in these caverns? Privacy among these scoundrels is limited, and treasured."

"Sure as ye may be that we will survive the hurricane, if ye be wrong, then I be glad for one last chance to lie with ye."

When Kitty smiled at this, Jaclyn was glad to see under the light of torch fire a hint of Kitty's femininity around her eyes. It was subtle, and had a man been standing nearby, he would not likely have noticed. But Jaclyn recognised it. Jaclyn had known Kitty, been laying with her, for nearly a decade.

Jaclyn turned to face her captain, and leaned in to kiss her lips. Ignoring the bones beneath their feet, Jaclyn began to unbutton Kitty's doublet.

Parting momentarily, Kitty gave a quick glance down Jaclyn's body, admiring how shapely she looked in her breeches and corset.

"You do not wish to explore the cavern further before proceeding?"

Jaclyn shook her head.

"Perhaps one of our crew has elected to follow us? Is hiding in the shadows?"

"Who would dare?" Jaclyn asked.

Kitty removed a ready flintlock from her belt, and without skipping a beat, or looking away from Jaclyn, raised it in the direction from whence they had come, and fired.

They heard a yowl, and a rather scarred man---Flouter, as he was known to them---stumbled into the light, holding onto his bleeding arm.

"What ye be looking for?" Captain Gray asked the assumed spy. "And do nay lie to yer captain, for Jack will gratefully slice off yer head if ye do."

"But she shall let me live otherwise?"

"Depends on your confession," Kitty replied. There was a gleam in her eye that suggested to Jaclyn that she would likely have to kill, or at least injure the man regardless, but Kitty wanted to torture him first.

"I..." Flouter fumbled with his words whilst still gripping his arm tightly, clearly hoping the blood would stop dripping. "I wanted to help..."

Jaclyn placed a hand on the hilt of her sword, preparing to draw it.

"See," Kitty said, her smile widening and her eyes narrowing. "My love can spot a lying cur."



"I desired to look upon her breast."

Kitty looked pleased with herself, and turned to Jaclyn. "Make it quick," she said. "These men know their punishment for such desires." She turned back to Flouter. "Try to run and you will end up with another ball in your thigh next."

As Jaclyn withdrew her cutlass, Flouter dropped to his knees and closed his eyes. Kitty kicked his chest so he fell onto his back, then stood one boot on his chest so he wouldn't squirm too hard while Jaclyn administered his punishment.

Jaclyn's sword sliced through Flouter's belt, followed by his trousers, exposing his genitals.

Simply for amusement, Kitty lowered the torch, heating the area around Flouter's cock while he clearly tried as hard as he could not to cry out in desperation. The fire singed his pubic hair. Upon raising the torch again, Jaclyn slammed her cutlass down, making a eunuch out of Flouter. His screams were likely heard right back through the mouth of the cave, to serve as a warning to the rest of the crew.

After returning her cutlass to its scabbard, Jaclyn picked up the skull she had seen earlier, and covered it over Flouter's gushing blood, where his genitals once were.

"Oh, you make my laugh, my love," Kitty said to Jaclyn. Then, to Flouter, she said, "I hope you enjoy your dead head."

Both women acted as though his screams did not affect them as they continued on their way down the cavern.


Jaclyn and Kitty were first created during season 7 of LJ Idol. A more complete story about them was developed into my novel, Adrift, which is available as an ebook and paperback.
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